Speakers Certificates

Name Function Theme
Alain Bouthillier Speaker Epilepsy Surgeries requiring an Operculoinsular Cortectomy: Operative Technique and Results
Alain Bouthillier Speaker Operculoinsular cortectomy for refractory epilepsy: Is extent correlated with seizure control outcome?
Alain Bouthillier Speaker Operculoinsular cortectomy
Alain Bouthillier Speaker Complications associated with resection of the posterior insular region for refractory epilepsy
Ana Paula Narata Speaker Flow diverter stents and sidewall artery. Which differences with bifurcating arteries?
Ana Paula Narata Speaker Where is the limit for flow diverter stents?
Andrés Cervio Speaker Surgical strategy for trigeminal schwannomas with middle and posterior fossa extension
Andrés Cervio Speaker Olfactory groove meningiomas - surgical treatment
Armando Basso Speaker Treatment of pituitary adenmomas. Past, present, future
Armando Basso Moderator Advanced Course Skull Base / Massin / WFNS
Carlos Ciraolo Moderator Joint Meeting - Spine and Functional
Carlos Ciraolo Speaker Assessment of Neurosurgical Treatment for Epilepsy in Argentina
Carlos Ciraolo Speaker Impact of Neuromodulation Techniques in Latin America
Christian Raftopoulos Speaker Hemisperectomy: operative techniques and results
Christian Raftopoulos Speaker Intraoperative 3T MRI for pituitary macroadenoma resection
Christian Raftopoulos Speaker Multiple subpial transections for refractory epilepsy
Christian Raftopoulos Speaker Invasive EEG in refractory epilepsy
Christian Raftopoulos Speaker Leland Hemispherectomy for epilepsy
Christian Raftopoulos Speaker Outcome of navigated transsphenoidal surgery for Cushing's disease
Christian Raftopoulos Speaker Glioblastoma resection using multimodal navigation and intraoperative MRI
Claudio Gustavo Yampolsky Speaker Tratamiento multidisciplinario de los tumores primários vertebrales. (Interdisciplinary approach to primary vertebral tumors).
Edgardo Spagnuolo Speaker Giant aneurysms - surgical treatment
Eduardo Ortega Ricci Speaker Interspecialty Research. The Importance of Teamwork
Engelbert Knosp Speaker Pituitary Adenomas with Cavernous Sinus Invasion
Engelbert Knosp Speaker Atypical pituitary adenomas
Engelbert Knosp Speaker Pituitary adenomas: The knosp Classification
Engelbert Knosp Speaker Brainstem Cavernomas
Engelbert Knosp Speaker Non-secrectin ptituitary adenomas
Engelbert Knosp Speaker Which is the limit of the transesphenoidal approach for pituitary adenomas
Enrique Osorio Fonseca Speaker Familial trigeminal neuralgia – Surgical treatment (Neuralgia del Trigemino Familiar, Tratamiento quirúrgico)
Enrique Osorio Fonseca Speaker Status of Pain Management in Colombia
Francisco Mery Muñoz Speaker Hybrid Neurosurgeons for the Management of Aneurysms
Fred Gentili Speaker Management of Craniopharyngiomas; open vs endoscopic techniques-current state of the art.
Fred Gentili Speaker Endoscopic Pituitary Surgery: has it become the state of the art and standard of practice in 2019
Fred Gentili Speaker Anterior skull base meningiomas: the role of endoscopic techniques-indications and limitations
Fred Gentili Speaker Management strategies for Chordomas: role of endoscopic techniques- current state of the art
Fred Gentili Speaker The Management of recurrent pituitary adenomas
Gabriele Schackert Speaker Vestibular Schwannomas: management
Gabriele Schackert Speaker Treatment of malignant meningiomas
Gabriele Schackert Speaker Surgical results of intramedullary tumors: personal experience
Gabriele Schackert Speaker Brain Metastases - natural history
Gabriele Schackert Speaker Surgical management of skull base metastases
Gail Rosseau Speaker Global Neurosurgery: Accelerating Progress through International Collaboration
Gail Rosseau Speaker Sports Concussion
Gail Rosseau Speaker Pituitary Surgery: Current State-of-the-Art
Gail Rosseau Speaker Quality of life and nasal morbidity after fully endoscopic transsphenoidal surgery
Gail Rosseau Speaker Simulation: Revolution in Neurosurgical Training and Practice
Gail Rosseau Speaker Endoscopic treatment of pituitary tumors
Hossam Salah Speaker The dilemma of the oligosymptomatic patient: conserve or operate?
Hossam Salah Case Presenter Round Discussion session - Theme Odontoid Fracture - Main theme: Upper cervical trauma
Jacques Morcos Speaker Unruptured aneurysms: How risky are they?
Jacques Morcos Speaker Lateral skull base meningiomas: birds of many feathers
Jacques Morcos Speaker Revascularização cerebral: como eu faço (Brain Revacularization: How I manage it)
Jacques Morcos Speaker Bypass surgery for Moyamoya and atherosclerotic ischemia
Jacques Morcos Speaker An aneurysm within a vascular malformation at the basilar summit, without being an AVM
Jacques Morcos Speaker Cavernous sinus: No man's land or surgical playground? Depends of what lives there
Jacques Morcos Moderator Round Discussion - Complex Aneurysms - VASCULAR
Jaime Mauricio Pinto Vargas Speaker President of session of Skull Base Interactive Videos Session: Skull Base and Neuro-oncology
Jaime Mauricio Pinto Vargas Debater Oncology Consensus Session
Jaime Mauricio Pinto Vargas Speaker President of session - Joint Meeting - Socioeconomic Limitations and Opportunities for Neurosurgery Development in Latin America
Jaime Mauricio Pinto Vargas Speaker Role of doctors in healthcare management
Jaime Mauricio Pinto Vargas Speaker Joint Meeting Introduction: Goals of the meeting and expected objectives
Jaime Mauricio Pinto Vargas Speaker Creating an Interdisciplinary Skull Base Committee
Jaime Mauricio Pinto Vargas Speaker Muldisciplinary management of CSF leaks
Jaime Mauricio Pinto Vargas Moderator The Value of PET Methionine in the Management of Pituitary Adenomas
Jimmy Jorge Villaroel Speaker Últimos guidelines para o tratamento do aneurisma intracraniano roto (Guidelines for the treatment of ruptured intracranial aneurysm)
Jorge Cerda Cabrera Moderator Joint Meeting - Status of Neurosurgical Education in Latin America
Jorge Cerda Cabrera Speaker Non-clinical Specialization. MBA, Professorship, and other Career Options
José Luiz Cuevas Seguel Speaker Status of Cerebral Revascularization in Latin America
Juan Carlos Diez Palma Speaker Moderator - Joint Meeting - Skull Base and Neuro-oncology
Juan Carlos Diez Palma Speaker Access to Adequate neuro-oncological care in Latin America
Juan José Mezzadri Speaker Fraturas A3 versus A4: há diferença na tomada de decisão?
Juan José Mezzadri Speaker Fellowships. Are they really worth it for Latin American Neurosurgeons?
Juan José Mezzadri Speaker Fraturas A3 versus A4: há diferença na tomada de decisão?
Juan José Mezzadri Speaker Fellowships. Are they really worth it for Latin American Neurosurgeons?
Júlio Cesar Antico Speaker Tratamento radiocirúrgico dos cavernomas (Radiosurgical treatment of cavernomas)
Júlio Cesar Antico Speaker How to Increase Access to Radiosurgery in Latin America?
Laligam N Sekhar Speaker Vertebral and Basilar Artery Decompression for Compression of the Brain Stem, Cn7, and 5 for Vascular Decompression Syndromes (technique of Pexy)
Laligam N Sekhar Speaker Cavernous Sinus Tumors
Laligam N Sekhar Speaker Trans petrosal Approach to Craniopharyngioma (bit unusual and more rare than Meningioma)
Laligam N Sekhar Speaker Brain Bypass Surgery; What is their Present Role For Complex Brain Aneurysms
Laligam N Sekhar Speaker Bypass for anterior circulation aneurysms or surgery for cerebral revascularization: what are the current trends?
Laligam N Sekhar Speaker Arteriovenous malformation: How do I choose patients with AVM for surgery?
Laligam N Sekhar Speaker Basilar artery top aneurysms: Surgical approaches and bypass
Lukas Rasulic Speaker Facing the challenges in brachial plexus surgery in XXI Century
Lukas Rasulic Speaker Controversies and dilemmas in surgery of injuries and diseases of peripheral nerves
Lukas Rasulic Speaker Peripheral nerve surgery - is it as important as aneurysm clipping, brain tumor resection or spine instrumentation?
Lukas Rasulic Speaker Iatrogenic Peripheral Nerve Injuries-Surgical Treatment and Outcome: 10 Years' Experience
Madjid Samii Speaker Brain Surgery. Present & Future
Madjid Samii Speaker Surgery of facial nerve
Madjid Samii Speaker Present and future perspectives to improve results in vestibular schwannoma surgery
Marco Fonseca Moderator Joint Meeting - Vascular and Pediatrics
Marco Fonseca Speaker Vascular lesions in severe traumatic brain injury
Marcos S. Tatagiba Speaker How to train young skull base neurosurgeons?
Marcos S. Tatagiba Speaker Brainstem Cavernomas
Marcos S. Tatagiba Speaker Epidermoid cysts of the cerebellopontine angle – Experience with nearly 60 cases
Marcos S. Tatagiba Moderator Session Natural History - Skull Base
Marcos S. Tatagiba Speaker Glossopharyngeal neuralgia
Marcos S. Tatagiba Speaker Vestibular Schwannoma
Marcos S. Tatagiba Speaker Brainstem Cavernoma
Marcos S. Tatagiba Speaker Cistos dermóide e epidermóide da fossa posterior
Marcos S. Tatagiba Speaker Meningioma of the Jugular Tubercle – Surgery via Suboccipital Subtonsilar Approach – How I do it
Marcos S. Tatagiba Speaker Tratamento dos cavernomas: quando eu trato e quando eu acompanho? (Cavernoma treatment: when do I treat and when do I follow up?)
Marcos S. Tatagiba Speaker Management in neurofibromatosis type 2
Marcos S. Tatagiba Speaker 3D Videos – Lunch Symposium Vestibular Schwannoma
Marcos S. Tatagiba Speaker 3D Videos – Lunch Symposium Brainstem Cavernoma
Miguel Arráez Speaker Safe entry zone surgery for Brainstem tumors
Miguel Arráez Speaker The value of PET-Methionine in the management of Pituitary Adenomas
Miguel Arráez Speaker Surgical Approaches to Petrous Apex lesions
Miguel Arráez Speaker Surgical approaches to Clival Chordoma
Miguel Arráez Speaker Complications in Skull Base Surgery: Avoidance and management
Óscar Alves Speaker Exames de imagem e estudos eletrofisiológicos com valor preditivo
Óscar Alves Speaker Artrodese posterior isolada da era dos implantes intersomáticos
Pablo Clavel Speaker Preoperative evaluation in short arthrodesis-usefulness of EOS
Pablo Clavel Speaker Artificial disk replacement: rebirth or commercial pressure?
Pablo Recinos Speaker Endoscopic endonasal approaches to the orbit and orbital apex
Pablo Recinos Speaker Endoscopic endonasal and open approaches for anterior skull base meningiomas
Pablo Recinos Speaker Endoscopic endonasal pituitary surgery
Pablo Recinos Speaker Endoscopic endonasal and open approaches for anterior skull base meningiomas
Pablo Recinos Speaker Endoscopic approaches to the craniocervical junction: expanding indications and reconstructive bailout strategies
Pablo Vela Moderator Round Discussion - Upper cervical trauma / Subaxial cervical dislocation
Pablo Vela Speaker C5 Paralysis: pathophysiology and prognosis-is there any way to avoid it?
Raymond Sawaya Speaker En Bloc Resection for Brain Metastasis
Raymond Sawaya Speaker Case Presentation
Raymond Sawaya Speaker Can we do better than Gross Total Resection for GBM?
Raymond Sawaya Speaker Development of a Neurosurgical Oncology database
Raymond Sawaya Speaker Perilesional Resection of GBM
Santiago G. Condomi Alcorta Speaker Surgical treatment of cerebellar hemangioblastomas
Santiago G. Condomi Alcorta Speaker Rosette-forming glioneuronal tumor of the fourth ventricle x Recurrent Ependymomas in adulthood: implications and treatment challenges
Santiago Portillo President of session Joint Meeting - Vascular and Pediatrics
Santiago Portillo Speaker Joint Meeting Introduction: Goals of the meeting and expected objectives
Santiago Portillo Speaker Management of Pediatric Brain Tumors in Argentina
Sílvia V. Cocorullo Speaker O uso do doppler transcraniano e microvascular em Neurocirurgia (The use of transcranial and microvascular Doppler in Neurosurgery)
Sílvia V. Cocorullo Speaker Princípios do Doppler Transcraniano e indicações em Neurocirurgia. O que todo o neurocirurgião deve saber?
Walter Stummer Speaker Spinal cord tumors – Tips of surgical techniques
Walter Stummer Speaker Fluorescent surgery for high grade gliomas
Walter Stummer Speaker Brain gliomas surgery (surgical techniques and equipment needed, indications for awake surgery)
Walter Stummer Speaker Aminolevulinic acid – induced fluorescence surgery from the beginning to now
Walter Stummer Speaker Low-grade gliomas (rate of growth and rate of malignization)
Walter Stummer Speaker High-grade Gliomas
Walter Stummer Speaker Multidisciplinary neurooncological centers: what is the value?
Yasin Temel Moderator Alzheimer Disease: Natural History x DBS
Yasin Temel Speaker Deep brain stimulation in patients with severe Tourette syndrome
Yasin Temel Speaker The micro-structural anatomy and connectivity of the subthalamic nucleus: a combined in vivo and ex vivo approach using 7T MRI imaging
Yasin Temel Speaker Novel mechanisms of deep brain stimulation
Yasin Temel Speaker Prevention and treatment of infection in DBS surgery


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